Zinc has important functions in initiating and regulating signal transduction as well as injury cascades in many cell systems. Zinc dyshomeostasis has been linked to several diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, stroke and diabetes. Nutritional zinc deficiency, found in both developed and in third world countries, is associated with abnormal brain development and impaired learning and memory, but also with diarrhea, growth retardation and immune deficiency. The 2014 meeting provided a detailed update by young scientists and leaders in the field of zinc biology.

The biennial meeting of ISZB is the premier forum for presenting and disseminating research in the field of zinc biology.  The 2014 ISZB meeting took place at the scenic Asilomar Conference Grounds located in Pacific Grove, CA on the Monterey Peninsula. This meeting followed highly successful international conferences in Aarhus Denmark, Banff Canada, Siena Italy, Jerusalem Israel, and Melbourne Australia.


Please find here the list of attendees, with emails. 

ISZB President: Wolfgang Maret       ISZB Treasurer: David Soybel
ISZB Secretary: Robert Colvin

Local Organizing Committee:          ISZB Meeting Committee:
Daren Knoell, Chair
Robert Colvin
Stephen Lippard
Amy Palmer
Bruce Pitt
Gloria Salazar
Dianne Ford, Chair
Leigh Ackland
Lothar Rink
Bill Shuttleworth
Ruth Valentine