The ISZB board will deal with issues related to establishing and formalizing the society. The term of appointment for the board is two years.

 ISZB President: Kathryn M Taylor.
Elected board members:  Leigh Ackland, Dianne Ford, Christer Hogstrand, Shannon Kelleher, Lothar Rink.
Alternates: Richard Dyck, John Weiss.
Treasurer: David Soybel.

Secretary: Taiho Kambe.


ISZB Committee Members:

2017 Meeting Committee:  Nicola Lowe (Chair), Ashley Bush, Richard Dyck, Dianne Ford, Christer Hogstrand, Michal Hershfinkel, Shannon Kelleher.

Publication/Advertisement Committee:  Toshiyuki Fukada (Chair), Elias Aizenman, Gloria Salazar, Bill Shuttleworth, John Weiss.

Finance Committee: David Soybel (Chair), Shannon Kelleher.

Membership Committee: Toshiyuki Fukada (Chair), Hajo Haase, Imre Lengyel, Richard Thompson, John Weiss.


Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments.